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Better Than China - About Us


We hold ourselves to a very high standard, because our customers should demand nothing less. Neither China nor other wholesalers has as high expectations for themselves as a company, and we strive to make sure that we exceed all of our customers expectations. We know more than anyone the stresses of having to deal with China and untrustworthy suppliers. We understand that our customers have a business to run that takes up all of their time and adds a huge amount of stress onto their lives.



So we want to make sure that when you shop with us, that you have a

"Painless and Stressfree Wholesale Shopping Experience"



Better than Overseas

We go and deal with China so that you don't have to deal with the stress and pain of working with an outside supplier



Our Promises to Our Loyal Customers:

  • Great and Caring Customer Service, we are all about long term business relationships and not at all interested in seeing our customers as a short term one time buyer
  • English Speaking Customer Service, we know the struggles of dealing with non English speakers, and the huge amount of problems that come with that
  • FAST SHIPPING. Most orders will ship out by the next business day from GA through UPS. No more lazy "processing times" that other wholesalers add.
  • Hot Products and Low Prices



And after you place your order we make sure that you are taken care of Post Purchase also. Please check out our YoungsGA Post Purchase Satisfaction Promise for more information