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Eyelash Wholesale Distributor

Where do I buy wholesale lashes?

Whether you are an eyelash studio looking to buy quality wholesale lashes at low prices or if you are a beauty supply store looking for a wholesale lash supplier and vendor in the USA you are in the right place. We are the absolute best wholesale eyelash distributor out there, because we source our entire individual and strip eyelash collection from quality suppliers located all over the world including China, Vietnam, and Korea so you can get a large variety of eyelashes to choose from so your business can succeed. While being located in the USA, so you can still have the luxury of speaking to an English speaking staff while receiving fast shipping times since we are located in the USA in Atlanta, GA.

Of course, you don’t need to be a business guru to understand that keeping costs low translates to higher returns. Perhaps you have an eyelash salon or lash studio where you offer professional eyelash services. Or you intend to launch a profitable eyelash supply retail store, and you need a good eyelash distributor for bulk supplies. The importance of choosing the right eyelash wholesale distributor cannot be overemphasized.


Wholesale Eyelashes Suppliers near You

One question asked by most people in the eyelash business is; how do I find reliable wholesale eyelashes suppliers near me? Well, the choice of who should approach for bulk eyelashes supply depends on the specific product supplies that you want to purchase. And if you want to buy individual or strip eyelashes in bulk,we offer the best.

We don’t dispute the fact that there are many wholesale eyelash suppliers in US, UK, and China. Rather, we are saying that when it comes to wholesale individual lashes and strip lashes, we stand out. We are a trusted wholesale strip eyelashesand individual eyelashes distributor. And you can find awesome wholesale prices of our low-priced merchandise at

With a wide collection of product options for bulk eyelash purchase, including mink strip eyelashes, and individual false eyelashes, we offer you quality at an affordable wholesale price.



Should I buy from you or should I buy directly from China?

There are always pros and cons between choices and by buying directly from China you generally can get better pricing, however if you add taxes and shipping costs the final cost will be much higher than expected. Also when dealing with a foreign supplier, routine things such as returns and customer service become much harder to deal with.

With us you get the best of both worlds, since we source our eyelashes from all over the world, we have great low pricing along with an English speaking staff to help with all your needs. We also ship directly in the USA and we also have one of the fastest processing and shipping times so you can get your products to your door quickly.


What types of eyelashes do you have?

We have all kinds of different eyelashes, because we know that trends constantly keep changing as well as customers tastes and fashions. As one of the largest eyelash extension wholesale distributors in the Southeast, we make sure to carry both wholesale strip eyelashes and wholesale individual eyelashes in bulk for all your beauty needs. Not only do we carry generic bulk eyelashes for your daily needs, we also carry very highly respected brands with high quality eyelashes so that you can glam up for that perfect night out.

You probably recognize two of our most popular brands, wholesale iEnvy KISS lashes and wholesale Ardell lashes and faux mink lashes, since they supply a huge amount of lash studios with eyelashes in bulk. These two brands have been in business for decades, creating a strong brand identity that your customers will love.

We also carry the very popular wholesale 3D Lashes as well as 3D Faux Mink Lashes by Miz Lashes. These wholesale lashes are a staple in the Dallas community and as one of the only wholesale eyelash distributors for this brand, we give you another reason to continue shopping with us.


Should I get into the eyelash business?

Every woman wants to look her best. Almost every young lady desires to enhance her natural beauty and give her face a glamorous look.

One point of call when it comes to facial beauty care is the eyelashes, as it gives the eyes a dazzling appeal that makes the face pop. And a larger population of women fancy having longer, fuller, and fluttery eyelashes, which goes to show that the market for false eyelashes is readily available. 

A woman once said that beyond the mascaras and eyeliners, a pair of eyelashes gives her a more feminine, smarter, and vibrant look.

Science may have proposed that the main function of eyelashes is to diffuse airflow that might threaten to dry out the eyeball. But concerning beauty and looking good, women that wear lashes confess to feeling confident in them. More like they cherish the “look at me now” appearance it gives to the face.

In fact, for a lady, every occasion comes with its unique makeup needs. So whether it’s a night out, wedding party, or formal occasion, she could choose from several types of false eyelash products that goes with the event .Hence, the constant demand for false eyelashes.

Wholesale eyelashes offer the advantage of beating your completion by providing your customers with quality and more affordable eyelashes, which will keep them coming back. And since profitability is partly tied to proper pricing, buying wholesale eyelashes for resale enables you to get more products at a reduced price.

And one of the perks of an eyelash business is that this is a refillable/disposable product. Therefore once your customers are done with these eyelashes and you shower them with great customer service and selection, then they will be back the next month because of how great your service was along with their customer experience.

 As long as you jump into the business with a clear vision and a great work ethic, an eyelash business could be the right business move for you.

Things to Consider When Buying Wholesale

Since you are a business looking to buy products for resale or for your business needs. There are a few things you need to consider carefully when buying wholesale. Such as, is the wholesaler trustworthy and how long they have been in business. Nowadays with the internet, there are lots of people who try to just middle man and act as an agent for real wholesalers and distributors. Therefore you are paying an extra amount for their services instead of cutting out the middle man and dealing with reputable wholesalers and distributors.