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Where can I buy wholesale makeup?

           Whether you are a professional cosmetologist or someone who runs and owns a beauty supply retail store, is one of the best options to buy bulk cosmetic products at a cheap price point that will boost your margins and help expand the types of products and brands you sell. has many types of cosmetic products with known brand names that can help your retail business or profession of cosmetology grow and succeed by selling to you at lower prices than competitors and offering you a wide variety of products coming from all around the globe. Some of these products include primers, foundations, concealers, mascaras, lipsticks, eyeshadows, powders, and so much more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to shopping at YoungsGA for your wholesale needs. Our company strives to give all our customers satisfaction in buying their cosmetic necessities with ease and comfort while also offering incredible customer support to keep you happy and coming back for more.

            Therefore, whether you are interested in starting a new makeup company, are a professional cosmetologist, or are a makeup retail store is here to help you strive in this field of business. With our location being in Atlanta, GA we can quickly supply your cosmetic needs all over the United States with fast shipping and low prices. There is no question that buying wholesale makeup from us can help boost your sales and margins while also supplying you with the best wholesale makeup money can buy.

The Benefits of Shopping Wholesale

            Here at YoungsGA we strive to keep our customers happy with low prices, fast shipping, and great customer service. Here are a few reasons why shopping wholesale can benefit you!

  1. Wide Variety

When shopping wholesale there are a wide variety of products. This can benefit a business in numerous ways such as offering you the ability to give your customers something new or allowing them to find a product they normally cannot find in stores near them. Here at YoungsGA we offer a wide variety of cosmetics from all around the world, some that are very difficult to find in most retail stores. We offer these brand name products in hopes that it can reach customers in retail stores created by you, in order to satisfy everyone with their cosmetic necessities or curiosities.

  1. Save Time and Money

We all know the popular saying time is money. Well when shopping wholesale it allows you to save both! Here at YoungsGA our inventory is so large that it deems it unnecessary to go to more than one place. You can find everything you need and more on our online store while also saving money on products because of our low price points. Additionally, shipping prices would be substantially lower buying from us because we can offer you pallets of products in one shipment rather than buying products separately from different sites.

  1. Compete with Larger Companies

Shopping at YoungsGA wholesale allows you to buy brand name products at low price points which in turn allows you to compete with larger companies. Shopping wholesale opens new horizons for retailers because it offers higher margins for the products you sell. If you were hoping to find a great place to buy wholesale makeup to sell, offers a wide variety of cheap wholesale makeup that can help you expand and thrive.

  1. Branded Products at Low Price Points

Shopping at YoungsGA also offers you the chance to sell brand named products that are cheaper here than the rest of the competition. Many cosmetologists and people who use makeup already have brands they have tried and love and want to continue shopping for them. Although you are building the brand of your business, you would not need to build the brands for your products because these brand named companies have already marketed and branded  their products for customers. In turn, this would also save you more time and money while offering the products many of your customers have already been searching for or want to try! Here are some of the brand named products YoungsGA can offer you!

LA Girl

Nicka K





Beauty Treats

Let’s dive into some specifics about some of the brands we sell and that we know and can trust.

  1. LA Girl has recently become one of the top selling brands of cosmetics when it comes to affordable prices and quality. Even in 2017, LA Girls HD Pro Concealer was one of the top selling products in Walmart. Priced at only $3 a piece, the HD Pro Concealer was one of LA Girl’s products that made them known in the beauty industry for cheap, affordable, and reliable products anyone can use. At BeautyCon 2019, one of the beauty industries largest events around the world, Danielle Chinchilla, Ariana Grande’s makeup artist, and Erika LaPearl, Cardi B’s makeup artist, both used LA Girl’s products to demonstrate the quality and practicality of their products. If you are searching for quality products at affordable prices shop at and give LA Girl a try!
  2. Nicka K New York believes that “beautiful makeup should be an essential part of a woman’s everyday life, so they create professional quality makeup that is both affordable and attainable.” One of the best parts about Nicka K is that they offer such a wide variety of products in an endless amount of shades so anyone can find the right product for their needs. If you are searching for a cheap wholesale makeup that also praises its quality Nicka K may be the right makeup choice for you.
  3. Kiss is a Korean-American company that started out in New York; however, for the past 30 years they have thrived and continuously built their company for the betterment of cosmetic users all around the globe. Their cheap, wholesale but quality products can now be found in 100 different countries worldwide. Kiss started out and gained popularity through their quality eyelashes and nails; however, recently they have been branching out on their makeup products. If finding quality products from cheap wholesale retailers is in your boat, YoungsGA definitely recommends giving Kiss a try!


  1. Dependability


At YoungsGA, we do our very best to deliver you our quality products simply and easily with no stress involved. We ship out our orders the day they are created so our customers can receive their products fast and in a timely fashion. We are also available on call 6 days out of the week from 8AM to 6PM to answer any questions and fix any problems in order to keep our customers happy and coming back. Here at YoungsGA, we sell our products in a professional manner that customers can trust and depend on.

YoungsGA is home to many types of products at wholesale prices but one of our largest of variety of products comes from makeup cosmetics. Millions of makeup products are sold and used daily whether its for reselling, cosplay, movies, events, or simply just for personal use. Here are some reasons why using makeup can benefit you!

  1. Confidence


Although here at YoungsGA we believe everyone is beautiful, we offer an endless variety of cosmetic products that allow its user to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. We offer  the users of our products an option of creating their perfect, ideal image and love to offer a wide variety of products in order for them to do so. Whether it’s a brand new pair of heels, a new dress, or makeup, anything that can make you feel fabulous or even more comfortable can give you the confidence to get through your day. Here at YoungsGA, we offer an abundance of cosmetic products including but not limited to: powders, gels, eyeliners, lipliners, lotions, primers, foundations, concealers, lipsticks, mascaras, nail polish, eyebrow pencils, bronzers, setting sprays, eyeshadows, etc. In order for our customers to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, we have continued to sell cosmetic products at cheap prices for many years.

  1. Skin Protection

Beautiful skin is a human trait sought out by many people whether you use make up or not. The use of makeup can actually benefit its users skin by protecting it from particles in the air such as smog or dust. Using a foundation can help put a protective barrier on your skin, helping block out pollution and germs from getting into your pores. It also gives its users a reason to clean their face at the end of the day with makeup remover products that contain ingredients that can benefit the quality of your skin. While using makeup isn’t guaranteed to keep your skin healthy and vibrant, it at least offers you some minimal protection that non make up users do not have.

  1. Personal Time

The average woman uses about eleven minutes of their day to apply makeup. This small time frame can be crucial to the start of your day. It can be therapeutic in some cases, allowing you to meditate and relieve your mind of stress while you are enhancing your appearance and beauty. Here at YoungsGA we enjoy the thought of offering wholesale products at a cheap price so that anyone can enjoy these eleven minutes everyday.

Why not just buy your products straight from the manufacturer?

           As a wholesale distributor, YoungsGA buys bulk products from many different wholesale manufacturers around the globe. It is true that if you buy products straight from the manufacturer you may be able to save some money; however, unless you are buying bulks of many different products you may even end up spending more money and time trying to get a cheaper price. This is due to the fact that international shipping costs can be higher as well as a language barrier that makes it difficult to communicate with the distributor. In most cases, the best route is to shop locally with wholesale dealers near you, and YoungsGA will always be here to help.