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Wholesale Lipgloss Collection

Where do I buy lip gloss?

            Lip gloss is a very popular product sold in stores worldwide due to its unique ability to give a glossy, shiny effect to its user’s lips while also giving moisturization. Although, lip gloss was popular back in the 90s, it is making a comeback due to the advancement of its effects and ingredients. If you are a cosmetic business owner who is looking for bulk lip gloss at wholesale prices, has an inventory of unique, brand named lip glosses that are made from manufacturers all over the World. If you are looking for wholesale lip gloss, can be your local or nationwide lip gloss supplier and distributor.

What kinds of lip gloss are there?

            Here at, we have a wide variety of lip gloss brands, colors, and flavors. If you are looking for a wholesale lip gloss supplier or distributor, you have come to the right place! Some examples of the brands of lip gloss we sell include:

Broadway, Nicka K, Kiss, Ruby Kisses, Beauty Treats, BR, Absolute, LA Girl, KleanColor, Max Cherimoya, Malibu Glitz, IZME

And More!

Here at, we receive shipments weekly from our wholesale lip gloss manufacturers, so that our customers can buy in bulk and will never have to wait long if something is out of stock. We also buy in bulk so we can give our customers the best prices on the market as well as a variety of lip glosses that cannot be found anywhere else. Some of the types of lip glosses we carry include:

Metallic, Holographic, Menthol, Staining Mood, Color Changing, Matte, Shine, Hydrating, Glow

In an endless amount of color tones and flavors!

What are some reasons I should use or sell lip gloss?

  1. Lip gloss is a unique cosmetic that cannot be imitated by anything else! Only lip gloss can give your lips a beautiful shine while also moisturizing your lips throughout the day.
  2. Nowadays, the ingredients in lip gloss allow it to last for a much longer time while also being incredibly easy to reapply.
  3. Additionally, the modified ingredients in lip gloss today compared to the ones from the 1990s are not sticky.
  4. Lip gloss gives a more natural look than lip stick while also being available in a wide variety of colors or hues.
  5. Lip gloss can give off the look of having fuller, lighter lips.

Therefore, if you are in the market searching for bulk lip gloss at wholesale price points, has the inventory for you! We are the wholesale distributors for many wholesale companies around the World, and also the wholesale suppliers for our local and nationwide retail stores. If you are ever in need of cheap lip gloss with bulk amounts, stop by and have a look at our endless inventory of different lip glosses.

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