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Ebin Wonder Ponytail Bond Freeze Spray Extreme Hold 8oz (PC)

EBIN's Wonder Ponytail Bond Freeze Spray has a firm hold for the ultimate ponytail/up-do. This hairspray is sure to keep your style locked in place with a smooth shiny finish. 

 [HAIR STYLING SPRAY] Wonder ponytail bond freeze spray is the ultimate versatile hair spray to lock in any hair style in place whether it is ponytail, up dos and more. Specially formulate for no residues and build up. Rock your style with no extra weight.
❤ [EXTRA MEGA HOLD] Extreme holding to finish look that last not only all day but all week so you can go about your day without worrying about your hair style getting out of place. Mega strength meets affordability.
❤ [PRESICION] Our lace ponytail freeze spray comes with the point nozzle for precise spraying. You can pinpoint the direction the location that you want to apply the spray on. The quick dry of the spray ensures quick application that lasts all day.
❤ [HUMIDITY RESISTENT] Formulated to be oil resistant and perspiration resistant to make sure your hair stays put. Our glue can hold your hair through oily skin and scalp, as well as heavy perspiration or high humidity.
❤ [CRUELTY FREE] Not only our product latex free it is also cruelty free and vegan meaning you can slay your hair style while being conscious.