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Wholesale Beauty Supplies

Beauty Supply Distributor

As your wholesale beauty supply distributor here at, we pride ourselves on not only the quality service that we provide, but also the HUGE selection of different items that we carry for all your beauty supply needs. From wholesale hair salon supplies or wholesale black beauty products, we carry a vast amount of items so that shopping is as convenient as possible for you. Whether you are considering opening up a beauty supply or have been in business for years, we have all the products that you need to fill your store up with popular products that your customers and hair stylists and always looking for.

We carry wholesale beauty supply products in bulk to ensure the cheapest prices for our customers, so that you can resale them at a profit to you. Although we are a beauty supply distributor located in Atlanta, currently we are online only to keep our costs and our product prices at a minimum.

As one of the biggest black beauty supply wholesale distributors in the Southeast, we believe that more is better. Therefore any type of hair salon accessories supplies that you may need we have at one stop. From wholesale hair styling tools such as wholesale cold wave rods, wholesale hair rollers, and wholesale wig caps we have it all. Or if you need hair styling accessories at wholesale prices, such as wholesale bobby pins and hair pins we have them in bulk and in different quantities. We have beauty salon tools such as vinyl and rubber gloves so that your hair coloring needs are taken care of. Or if you are a beauty supply owner who needs to keep their customers happy with good quality electricals and thermals such as hair irons and curling irons at wholesale prices, we have it here also.

We pride ourselves the most on our vast selection of wholesale beauty supply products, for quality brands such as wholesale Annie products we carry almost their entire line of beauty supply products in bulk. From top to bottom, we carry all the hair styling tools that you need to succeed.

We want to make sure our shelves are only stocked with well known established brands that customers love and stay loyal to. We have popular brands such as wholesale Salon Pro and 30 Second glue, for all your lace wig glue and wig adhesive needs.

Our wholesale wig cap selection is UNMATCHED to any other wholesale beauty supply distributor. Our selection of wholesale lace wig caps from wholesale wig caps, wave caps, dome caps, spandex caps, and weaving caps no one has the selection of products that we do. 


We carry all the regular wholesale beauty supply items so that you are never low in stock, while at the same time we try to find all the hot wholesale beauty supply products that are trendy and in fashion at the moment. That is why our selection of wholesale magic twist sponge, and wholesale braiding tubes are unmatched.