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October 07, 2020 3 min read

Finding the Right Wholesale Lashes for your Clientele



Your eyelashes can make a powerful statement. A minimal change can have a huge impact on how women feel about their appearance, which is why the surge in lash extensions has seen a booming increase. As well as the prices of eyelashes are constantly increasing, which is why buying bulk wholesale eyelashes for your business can increase your bottom line tremendously.


With incredible impact and little daily effort, a woman’s eyelashes can be transformed with the application of quality lashes. As a wholesale provider of eyelashes, has an incredible selection of bulk eyelashes to stock you up for all your customers.


There’s an incredible selection of options available for you, so why not figure out the best style of bulk lashes to fit your wide selection of clients? Therefore it is a good idea to figure out which eyelashes are best fit for your business. Since most wholesalers sell bulk wholesale eyelashes with a minimum of 6 pieces of each style, you want to make sure you do your research first before you are left with a huge supply of inventory. As one of the premier wholesale lashes supplier, we carry a vast quantity of eyelashes from popular brands such as KISS, ARDELL, MIZ, and ABSOLUTE so it can get quite overwhelming choosing which eyelash is perfect for your brand or clients.


Everyday Glam and Grandeur

Some women are going to prefer high volume, high length, high density wholesale lashes. They can be weighty, but the impact is intense and gorgeous. These types of lashes are full from root to tip and can have an incredibly dramatic effect.


Women who are very particular about their appearance on a daily basis and love to do full-glam makeup almost every day are going to be seeking out these types of lashes for their regular wear. These are curved, these are long, they are dark, and they are thick!



A Blend of Natural and Dramatic

Women who tend to enjoy going out are going to look for moderate fullness with their lashes, but not necessarily the same density and intense volume of the more extreme lashes. They will likely be looking for edges that are more tapered for a more natural appearance, but with dense roots and full volume.


The volume will be less than the more dramatic ones but will still be quite heavy and dense overall. The visual difference is going to be noticeable, and extremely gorgeous.


Light, Wispy, and Natural

These are often the lashes subtly worn by Instagram influencers and celebrities alike. They are barely detectable but have an incredible appearance because they appear as though you were born with the most perfect eyelashes.


They are thinner, but longer and more curved. Each individual lash strand is distinguishable from its neighbors, creating a luxuriously delicate appearance. The volume is far less that of the more dramatic lashes but is just subtle enough to make it look like a woman has almost no makeup on whatsoever.


These have quickly become one of the more popular styles of false eyelashes, so keep on trend and make sure you pick up some of these in bulk. They go fast and are often requested and maintained by clients, which means they will keep coming back for more! Quality lashes done right is the perfect way to help build your client loyalty.


Save on Lashes and Buy in Bulk!

Eyelashes are the perfect product to buy in bulk, since they typically only have a lifespan of 6 to eight weeks, even with regular care and maintenance. Your clients will love the quality lashes you offer, and the stellar services you provide when you are able to save time and money by buying sets to fit the needs of all your clients. And if you are really considering growing your business, then it is best to keep wholesale eyelash inventory in stock at all times. So that clients will be able to have fast service right away.


Check out which types of lashes are best for your clients and keep them stocked up today!