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November 04, 2020 5 min read

How to Find Lash Vendors?

Any lash boss will know, finding the best eyelash vendors isn't always easy. Before you can offer your products to the public, you have some work to do. When, where, and how you get your lash supplies matters. Wholesale eyelash vendors are undoubtedly the best way to get high-quality lashes in bulk without breaking the bank. But how can you find a vendor you can really count on? We're spilling our best tips and tricks.

We rounded up the top five qualities you should look for in a wholesale eyelash vendor. Budding lash artists, you don't want to learn this lesson the hard way.


1) Trustworthiness

First, if you're having difficulty finding information about a wholesale eyelash vendor, that's a major red flag. It's perfectly natural (and OK) for customers to have questions. The vendors should be readily available to answer them. Part of having a trustworthy business is being 100% transparent with consumers. There are a few telltale signs that a vendor may not be dependable. Use the checklist below when you're looking for the best eyelash vendors. Trust us; it will help save you a headache down the road!

Tips on how to tell if a business is trustworthy:
Check spelling and grammar. Does the website look and feel legit?
Check for contact details. A legitimate vendor will have contact details on its site like a business address and landline number.
Check for a Privacy Policy
Look on the website to see if there are any customer reviews about lashes or the company itself.
Check if they're active on social media - it's better if they are!

Are they located in the US or a foreign country?

Usually wholesale eyelash vendors located in different countries such as China have higher risks of scammers because they are not bound by the same laws as the US. Not all lash vendors in China will scam you, but it is difficult to reach someone who will help you if they are located across the world.

Keep in mind; this isn't to say all wholesale vendors that don't provide the above information upfront is suspicious. Still, it's always better to err on the side of caution, especially when there are plenty of legit, honest wholesale lash vendors on the web.

Here at YoungsGA, you can always contact us with any questions that you may have by email or text message, and we will contact you within 24 hours. Whether it may be questions before you buy, or questions about your order after you purchase, please do not hesitate to call us.


2) Length in Business

How long has the supplier been in business? Will they be able to answer any questions about wholesale lashes you may have? Brand new companies may not have the tools, staff, and resources to help you buy the best lashes for your business. A well-known, established wholesale eyelash vendor will probably have reliable customer service, more knowledge about the industry, and a better reputation.

You should be able to purchase with confidence. We're not saying never trust a newbie wholesaler, but vendors who have been in the business longer may have more understanding. A wholesale company is very difficult to start up, due to the amount of space and inventory needed to begin, as well as having the relationships necessary to get certain brand names to trust you to sell their product. The good thing is that has been open since 1994, and brand name multinational companies such as ANNIE, KISS, ARDELL, and QFITT all trust us to sell their products with integrity.


3) Quality and Variety of Merchandise

When you're browsing for the best eyelash vendors, you want to be sure they don't just have a good variety of merchandise but also a collection of top-rated lashes to choose from.

A great quality in a lash vendor is, of course, plenty of options. As a lash artist, you already know that customers all have different tastes and styles. You have to keep up. You want to be sure you can always count on your wholesale lash vendor to have ample stock and plenty of selections so you can pass the lashes on to your clients.

Maybe they have a huge selection of lashes, but how do you know if their products are any good? Read what others have to say about their lashes. Do they have reviews in the first place? If they don't have any product reviews or their customer testimonials sound super unrealistic, it's a bad sign.

Tip: It's not always a bad thing if there are mixed reviews. While the vast majority should be positive, if a vendor has one or two negative reviews, it helps show readers the reviews are legit. Just because one bad apple wasn't happy doesn't mean other customers feel the same way.


4) Customer Service

Are their customer really #1?

Sometimes mistakes, surprises, and mishaps happen when buying supplies online. While we can't fault human error, we can look at how a company handles any "messy" or unfavorable situations. You want to seek a lash vendor that has a solid reputation of being there for their clients. Whether you have a basic question, want to know your order's status, or need to file a complaint, there should always be a fast, responsive customer service team ready and willing to help make things right.

Usually, the best eyelash vendors will pride themselves on top-quality customer service and care. If you're having a hard time figuring out how to reach customer service, that's an issue. Quality vendors will welcome customer inquiries, while not-so-trusty vendors will make it a challenge to reach out.

Check out YoungsGA's , this is our guarantee that our customer service does not end once you place an order. We know how important post purchase service is to customers, and that they don't feel left behind once they place an order.


5) Fast Shipping

Fast shipping is one of the best qualities any online merchant can have, and lash vendors are no exception. There's nothing worse than placing a bulk lash order to fill your stock, only to get an email saying your shipment will arrive in 30 days. Make sure your wholesale eyelash vendors are completely transparent with their shipping policies. You don't want to get stuck with low stock and back-to-back customers because your lash vendor is taking too long to ship your merchandise.

Another feature to be on the lookout for is fast international shipping. The best eyelash vendors can reach any corner of the world in a limited amount of time. If the vendor works with reputable transportation companies like FedEx, DHL, DPEX, UPS, ARAMEX - that's always a good sign!

We ship almost all of our orders by the next business day and we only ship through UPS or USPS out of Georgia.


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