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Wholesale Wild Growth Hair Oil and Moisturizer

Wholesale Wild Growth.

Wild Growth in Bulk Distributor.

The wildly popular wholesale wild growth oil is used for natural untreated hair but will work with any type of hair whether it is chemically treated or not. Some people even see as much as an extra inch of hair growth in less than 30 days.

Our wild growth hair oil and moisturizer in bulk helps in a variety of different ways to keep your hair looking fresh and healthy. Most notably it helps grow stubborn hair very quickly while also making the hair thicker, straighter, and softer with added body and shine.

The wholesale wild growth oils are great for growth protection and will truly make your hair grow faster and more manageable. Through the natural products used in the wholesale wild growth hair oil the hair becomes softer and silkier while becoming more kink free and frizz free so you can get the hairstyle that you want. Both the wholesale wild growth hair oil and wholesale wild growth hair oil moisturizer works well with relaxers and perms, because the new hair that grows will be so soft and frizz free that relaxers will be stretched out for longer use, so you can get beautiful hair with less chemicals.

Our wholesale wild growth hair oil moisturizer is used for growth protection and will help hold moisture in longer keeping the hair fresh, moisturized, and lubricated. The wholesale wild growth hair oil moisturizer can be mixed in with shampoo, mixed in with another leave in conditioner, or used as a stand alone leave in conditioner. The great part about the wild growth light oil moisturizer is that you can deep seed for added growth protection while also cleansing the scalp of extra debris and also adds extra protection so that it won’t crack when the hair dries.